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Become a Lead Magnet

Become a Lead Magnet

We've talked with 100s of coaches and the #1 issue is leads. Learn how to get in front of your perfect prospect using our automated omni channel presence strategy. Best of all you'll learn how to actually turn these prospects into appointments leaving your calendar jammed with 70+ appointments per month

Turn Your Calendar into an ATM

Turn Your Calendar into an ATM

Leads are all fun and games, but how about clients? Out of the 100s of coaches we've talked to 80% of them can't even give us a clear answer to the question, "how much does your service cost?" Learn how to stop letting your leads fall through the cracks using our ABC Close Method

Take Back Your Time & Scale

Take Back Your Time & Scale

Now that you have a slam packed calendar, and you are converting 90% of your leads, without the proper backend in place you'll quickly find yourself in a hamster wheel of fulfillment. We will teach you how to use systems, automations, and a VA team to remove yourself from the outreach, sale, and fulfillment so you can take back your time and scale a real business.

Client Success Stories

Venus Jewellers: $100k in 6 Months

Jason Stavrianidis is a jeweler with over 5 years of experience working for some of the top jewelers in New Jersey. At one point Jason ran a sales team of over 100 people who were responsible for over $200 million in annual sales.

Just under 2 years ago, Jason left his position to pave his own path and build his own company, Venus Jewelers. Venus Jewelers are loose diamond specialists that focus on Custom Engagement Rings. Jason was in a position where he knew he wanted to take his business to the next level. He was already incredibly talented and very passionate about his craft, but the biggest issue was scaling his outbound marketing efforts and achieving product-market fit.

Before joining Free99Leads, Jason was already doing $30k-$50k per month but he wanted more. Jason wanted to scale, reduce his costs, increase consistency, create a machine that works without him, and break 100k per month.


$100k in 6 Months

Founder: Jason Stavrianidis

Scale the Foundation: $15k Revenue in Less Than 30 Days

Julius came to us as a struggling coach, looking for a program that was going to finally work for him.

Before, he was just course-hopping looking for the next best idea. Shiny object syndrome to the max! He had tried a bunch of different courses that just teach methods on marketing to get clients. Nothing practical or relevant in this day and age.

Julius now is able to save even more time to now focus on CEO tasks and growing his business.

In just a few short months, Julius went from struggling at $3,000 per month and has now sent us this video mentioning $15,000 in 30 days!


$15k Revenue in Less Than 30 days

Founder: Julius Brown III

Impact96: New Coach to Booked Calendar & Group Coach in 60 Days

Amy Thomas is a mind coach based out of Pennsylvania, who had just begun her coaching career. She was trying to decide if she should stick to 1-1 coaching or create a course with a group offer.

Amy came to us through a referral from one of our current students who was doing $30k/month – she was incredibly talented and very passionate about helping others, and we could tell she had a lot of potential, but the biggest issue was her focus.

Amy had previously bought a bunch of online programs on how to create course content and also tried to launch her coaching business without really knowing how to convert her audience into paid customers. After a few attempts of putting out social media content and running Facebook Ads, it became way too expensive to the point where Amy was losing not only money but also time.

Amy’s calendar went from 3 to 35 appointments in 14 days. Amy has now focused on delivering results for her clients whilst using our systems, processes, scripts, proven outreach channels, and virtual assistants to continue to bring her new leads for her business.

"I am sure that this is the start of a long term relationship of building platforms together. I am incredibly grateful and looking forward to doing more together"

New Coach to Booked Calendar & Group Coach in 60 Days

Founder: Amy Thomas

Our Programs

Operation Remove

This is for Coaches doing $10,000+ per month in Revenue and looking to scale past $50,000+ per month in Revenue.

Operation Remove is a program where we work with you 1-1 to completely systemize and automate the Lead Generation, Sale, and Fulfillment of your Coaching Business

Coaches Corner

This is for the "Coaches" that haven't quite labeled themselves as coaches yet. They know they are good at creating impact but they have never actually sold a coaching service.

Finally turn your ideas into action inside of our Coaches Corner where you will learn how to get in front of an audience, survey the audience, and get paying clients before having a concrete offer in place (Trust me, you want to do this before you start building a bunch of BS that will never sell in a marketplace.

We spent years creating offers that never sold. Survey first, sell, then create

Automated Coaching Engine

This is for Coaches doing $1,000-$10,000 in Revenue per month and are looking to really get serious about their business.

They know they are good at what they do, they have created transformations in the past but are struggling getting consistent lead flow and most importantly closing the damn deal. Inside our Automated Coaching Engine you will use our done for you copywriting and templates to create a scalable system for your coaching business.

Not only that, be we will plug one of OUR highly-trained Lead Generation Specialists into your business to generate appointments from day one.

By the end of 90-days you are guaranteed to be hitting $10k/mo, and if not we will continue to work with you until you do!

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